Incoming Tour Operators Management System

Intravelsoft Pack Incoming Tour Operators SE's highly efficient and experienced specialists offer creative solutions for the tour operator's most challenging issues.

Intravelsoft Incoming Tour Operators
A comprehensive, all in one system that enables the tour operator to perform a full range of industry-specific activities.

ITOMS DB Server works in Windows Server 2000 or 2003 environments and is based on SQL Server 2000 or 2005.

Intravelsoft ITOMS IS
  • A comprehensive sales support, reservation and management system based on state-of-the-art computer technology, advanced concepts in software design and practical experience in the travel industry.
  • Shipped ready with a comprehensive database, covering almost every conceivable aspect of the tour operating business such as hotels and Nile Cruises in Egypt, different way of transport schedules, information about the majority of the guides in Egypt and more. The existence of this information makes ITOMS ready to use as soon as contracted rates are fed to the system. Changes and updates to the database, reservations and services can be easily made and are immediately reflected to all relevant records.
  • Deals with all the operational and managerial aspects of inbound tour activities, providing planning, costing, pricing, accounting and control facilities.
  • An in-house, multi-user system that does not require any  on-site programming staff for its operation and maintenance.
  • Developed in standard travel industry format, thus enabling exchange of information with other reservation systems.
  • A multi-language and multi-currency system
  • It covers all aspects of incoming tour operating functions, such as management reports, allotment control, traffic department management, accounts payable and accounts receivable and more.
  • Its research reports and data analysis help the tour operator understand the past, present, and future dynamics of the business.

 ITOMS ® Features:

Database and Reservations Handling:

  • Built in general database including all countries, cities and all major data related to the travel business in Egypt such as hotels, cruises, guides and tourist sites.
  • Efficient database construction and maintenance of products including hotels, tours, transfers, cruise schedules, packages, flight schedules, train schedules, public bus schedules, ferry schedules, fares and tariffs.
  • On-line construction of tour packages from individual services data.
  • Agency agreement: net prices, credit limit, and terms etc.
  • Creation, retrieval and modification of passenger name record/ file (PNR).
  • Maintaining Non-Homogenous PNR.
  • Collecting individual reservations for any service to form a group.
  • Automatic booking of transfers.
  • Automatic booking of flights.
  • Easy and intelligent way of tour bookings.
  • Representative and guide assignment.
  • Printing all necessary documents for the PNR.
  • Full range of operational reports.
  • The possibility of interface to another reservation system to create PNR’s in ITOMS, requires special customization.

Inventory and Other Control Facilities:

  • Real time inventory control maintained for hotels and cruises.
  • Control categories for room types.
  • Different types of time limits.
  • Release date control.
  • Waiting list processing.

 Fares and Quotations

  • Price lists construction for different markets.
  • Building different types of quotations: specific and seasonal.
  • Calculation of standard service cost.
  • Issue relevant documentation, quotation, vouchers, invoices, and itineraries.
  • Calculate standard profit on quotation.
  • Calculate actual profit.
  • Statistical reports.
  • Use different mark-up for standard cost.

Financial and Accounting Facilities

  • Handling multi-currency operation.
  • Currency exchange rates.
  • Account receivable.
  • Account Payable.
  • Cash flow / treasury.
  • Handling of representative and guides advance payments.
  • Interface to update automatically the general accounting system (require special customizing).
  • Issuing of the services form required by the authorities.

Document Control and Printing

  • Printing of Itineraries and Performa Invoices.
  • Receipts stock control and printing.
  • Invoices and credit notes stock control and printing.
  • Land vouchers stock control and printing.

Management Information System

  • Full range of management reports through integrated report generator allowing user to define and sort criteria for specific reports.
  • Sales statistics.
  • Arrival lists, Pickup lists, Transfer list etc.
  • Room nights/Revenue report.
  • Hotel occupancy.
  • Voucher list.
  • Credit limit.

System Security Facilities

  • Restricted operators levels.
  • Tools for break-in prevention.
  • Automatic checks on various functions.

Our fully-integrated archiving system is designed to maximum efficencies of time and storage space.

R-KIVE - Our newest and finest filing system has finally arrived!
Would you like to save your staff some valuable time? Do you wish to maximize your profits and see your business flourish? How would you feel about an efficient operation? Does the idea of reducing paper and toner consumption appeal to you? Well, your wait is over!
TSE is proud to announce the launch of its latest, most reliable and comprehensive Product; ‘R-KIVE’. An optimal time and effort saving tool, our new filing system enables you to access both your internal and external correspondence, documents and files from anywhere and at any time using the very latest technology.

What is R-KIVE?
·         R-KIVE is a cutting-edge filing system, fully integrated with the Incoming Tour Operating Management System (ITOMS) that has already proven its worth in terms of time, booking procedures, cost and effort.  
·         R-KIVE is very cost-effective, paper and toner consumption are substantially reduced; an important factor in times of economic difficulty.   R-KIVE enables you to view, download and utilize any saved document from the internet and among different users.
What is R-KIVE's edge?

·         An excellent back up tool
·         Stores photocopies of all your documents.
·         Easy access from anywhere, and at anytime.
·         Very safe to use.
·         Huge storage capacity.
·         Saves time, effort and money.
·         Supports the majority of file types.
What can R-KIVE's do for you?
·         PNR filing for different items such as vouchers, service orders, payment orders, itineraries, request forms, invoices, debit and credit notes – which are all attached to the PNR.
·         Agency and Supplier filing; by which emails are dragged and dropped to the corresponding agency screen or supplier.
·         Personal search routes where you can personalize your search process by toting up new categories of your choice in addition to existing ones, such as incoming, outgoing, different rates and confirmation statuses.
·         Retrieving documents; either through the PNR, the agency/supplier’s screen by clicking on the TAB button, or using the web-based search screen via the internet.
Tired of dealing with inefficient accounting system? Look no further

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