Web Design

InTravelSoft  provides you with creative and motivated graphic designer's team possessing a perfect mastery of the technologies to conceive and realize your works. Our teams of creators can create or use your logo, then decline the characteristics through the static and dynamic pages of the Web site. Their contribution is made in association with the project manager who watches the conviviality quoted user and makes sure that the graphic elements stay in sync with the image, the targets of clientele and the objectives to reach.

Indeed the graphics and the ergonomics are determining in the attractiveness and the Conviviality of a site of reservation. Between a sober site or a rather "Flashy" site, we shall define the style the most adapted to the aimed target and to your objectives. We shall pay a quite particular attention on the elaboration of the graphics standards, on the ease of navigation as well as on the realization of the animations which will make of your site an alive and effective communications tool.

Imagination, creativity and rigor are the qualities which we shall turn to good account to create the charter of your site according to the objectives which you will have fixed, while adapting this graphics to the contents which you propose.

Featured Services

Increase your direct sales with our Engine

Online Booking Engine

full integration with web services, fully customisation theme, reservation in less than 3 minutes...

Reports and Inventory

Multiple user strategie definition

travel agents credit card limit payment, unlimited profiles.

Multi network platform

multiple selling channels, multiple points of sale..

Integrated Payment system

Pay your providers by credit card (Visa, Master, Amex,...), Track payments, customer balance...

Ticketing and Vouchers