Pack Car

In travel Soft Pack Cars offers a variety of commercial models products with regard to the implementation of Cars booking engine with an XML connection or White Label.

InTravelSoft Travel Networking Solutions provides Online Travel Agents (OTAs) with an exceptional source of revenue, with real time access to pricing, availability and booking information, connecting to more than 500 leading and independent car rental providers in 135 countries, in 22 languages and multiple currencies.
InTravelSoft also enables reduced costs and Increases Revenues Immediately, negotiating contracts with the car rental suppliers on behalf of OTAs, managing and marketing the car rental content and handling all customer services issues.

InTravelSoft take in charge and Manage for you all the procedures contract with the Providers.

Pack Cars Booking Engine:

Standard, or entirely customized solutions are available

Our commercial models depend on the:

• Chosen technical solution (product)
• Type of product integration
• expected volumes and traffic-data
• various service level aspects

Costs are split in one time and in operational costs

1. Initial Set-up Fee:   A one-time fee to setup an account based on the selected implementation.

2. Transaction & Booking Reservation Fee:  A fee per booked car reservation payable to Licensee or Providers on how the handling fee is charged to the end user.

3. Monthly Service Fee:   A fixed monthly service fee.

Which of the above fees are applied depends on the implemented technical solution and is described in detail in the License sections.
However, no matter which particular model will best fit your needs, the commercial models are all based on ‘win-win’ situations.

Optional Products & Services

In order to enhance both the usability and customization of the Cars Booking engine, Providers offers extra optional functionalities, Products and Services.
Some of these enhancements may be included in the Product Models.


• Up to 10 man hours of technical set-up support by IntravelSoft.
• Set-up of one global outbound market, with all its current and future (automatic update of LCC content).
• A monthly Management Information Report with information on e.g. number of visitors, searches and booked reservation, turnover of the handling fees, etc.
• Language: English, French and other languages is possible, depending on each providers.
• Multi currencies, Euro, Pound Sterling, US$, and all current non-Euro, European currencies, depending on each providers.
• Integrated Payment system to pay the providers by credit card (Visa, Master, Amex)
• An SSL license for secured payments processing.
• Support mail functionality for Licensee’s costumers, using a dedicated email address.


• Specific requirements, software development etc on request of Licensee.
• Technical support hours over 10 hours on Licensee’s request, which will be charged against a flat fee of TBA per hour.

RESERVATIONS IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES: With Intravelsoft Make reservations in just quick steps, with the confirmation, and paperwork being immediatetly available to give to your client.

Intravelsoft architecture is based on a unique concept designed and developed, using the latest ASP.NET server programming technology of Microsoft and Web Services technologies and standards. It provides advanced software products for eCommerce, supplier integration and distribution channel management.

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